Food is everywhere these days. We love to talk about it, we love to think about it, we love to shop for it, we love to eat it. I’ve done my part to sift through, so here’s some of my current favourites, in writing, tasting, and feeding:

Tim Hayward – Food writer and expert, Mr Hayward writes for the FT, Guardian, Saveur and many other publications. His writing is erudite, considered and above all, hilarious. An article her wrote on hangovers is still one of my favourites. I’ve looked online for a link but it seems to have been taken down. More’s the pity. However, in place of that I’ve located something almost as good: a Twitter conversation after a night on the piss with Jay Rayner and Rachel McCormack.

MFK Fisher – A true storyteller in the finest sense. A lover of life, food, and experiences. A West Coast girl transplanted to the Continent. Basically, I really want her to be my friend (but sadly she died in 1992, just shy of her 84th birthday). The first time I read her work I felt like I had found what I had been looking for my whole life, and I am now on a quest to read everything she has ever written. Obsessive maybe, but not unmerited.

Deb Perelman (aka Smitten Kitchen) – She is a recent addition to my reading list, but I love her writing for it’s no nonsense and hands on approach. She cooks from a small kitchen in New York and unabashedly loves baking. Many of her recipes are simple, inexpensive and delicious. She likes real food and fresh food; she’s worth a follow.

Maialino – I’ve been out of the “hottest restaurant” game since I’ve had my daughter. However during a recent trip to New York I was introduced to this phenomenal restaurant inside the Gramercy Park Hotel. I’m sure all you up-to-date people have heard of it but I hadn’t. I went for breakfast and had most beautiful scrambled eggs known to man, simply prepared with black pepper and probably a kilo of pecorino. Oh, and an olive oil muffin. My world has never been the same since.

Fox & Squirrel – a shameless plug for my company. My business partner and I organise and run walks all over London, focussing on art, fashion, food and photography. We can also provide bespoke walks, and/or personalise our current offerings especially for you. Clearly I do the food walks (Brixton, Camden, Northbank, and more to come…). If you want to experience different flavours and spend an afternoon talking all things food with me, your passionate food guide, drop us a line via our website.


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