Blonde vs Bland

Blonde vs Bland is a website dedicated to food writing, food photography and styling. The writing here is focussed on food history, memory and experiences, both in and outside of the kitchen; the food prepared is real food with few shortcuts.

Writer. Taster. Feeder.

Lindsay Faller has been happily calling London home since 2002, despite hailing from a small town an hour south of the now-very-trendy Portland, Oregon, USA. She told her parents she was moving to the UK to complete a Masters in History of Art, but the truth was that she’d fallen in love with an Englishman and, after her degree, she decided to stay. After spending almost 7 years working as a business manager in art, architecture and design, she stopped making excuses for not following her heart and decided to dedicate her time to writing, cooking and eating.

She is not a blogger. This blog is a platform for writing, but the general culture and immediacy of blogging will not be found here. She doesn’t write for any freebies, give-aways, or PRs, and all opinions expressed are her own. She loves baking elaborate things with yeast and eggs, uses butter obscenely, and refuses to eat anything entitled low-fat. She also eats lots of kale and does a lot of yoga to balance it all out. Recipe testing is her worst nightmare, so her recipes are rarely posted.*

Linds is also the Managing Editor of the Brixton Blog and Bugle and one half of Fox and Squirrel, a cultural research company specialising in walks, talks, and events. She lives in South London with her husband, Kieron, the GM of a digital music company, and their daughter, Ivy, 2.

*If you’re inspired by something she’s made and want to know the details, please get in touch via the Contact page or send an email to lindsay [at] blondevsbland [dot] com and she will happily get back to you. She is, after all, a feeder. 

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