Chorizo and Spring Onion Potato Salad

I didn’t want to write a proper article on food today, I’m at work and on a lunch break, but I feel that I should let everyone know about the incredible discovery made this weekend in the realm of potato salad. I know, bear with me, I can tell you’re ridiculously excited. 

See, the boyf and I had a lovely visit to the Brixton Farmers Market yesterday; its very exciting at this time of year (despite it being stupid cold for April). New things are coming into season, and the wintery root vegetables are slowly losing out to radishes, celery, fresh herbs etc. Its still a bit early for the really fun stuff of May-July, but its getting better every week. 

Including the other veg that we bought, some spring onions, watercress and knobbly potatoes made it into our shopping bag, and an idea for this potato salad began to take shape. We bought chorizo.

Why potato salad? Well, we were attempting to have a picnic with some friends, yes, even in 10C/50F weather, because it was semi-warm when the sun did make an appearance and its what the British do, damn it. Keep Calm and Carry On, despite the weather.

Anyway, the salad was a winner, even eaten with gloves on, and here’s how to make it.

Boil a punnet of potatoes and let them cool, add three spring onions, chopped, leave the woody bits of the watercress out but add a half handful of plucked leaves, add some nice salt and pepper, and about two handfuls chopped up chorizo. Add a big dollop of crème fraîche. Stir. Enjoy copiously.



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